October 2022 Product Spotlight

Posted by Elias Bustos on Oct 28, 2022 12:53:28 PM

product-spotlight-header-1Solutions DGR 5.0

Solutions ITW launches the new upgraded version of its proprietary platform – Solutions DGR 5.0.

The latest version of this Goodwill-ready DGR system is our next big step forward for an already-mature platform. For nearly two decades, Goodwill stores across the country have benefited from Solutions DGR system created exclusively for Goodwill Industries. 

Solutions DGR 5.0 is cloud-based and streamlines the implementation process, reducing costs and IT burden while simplifying infrastructure requirements and improving performance and reliability.

We’re proud of our longtime partnership with Goodwill Industries and to be able to offer them this innovative new version of our DGR software,” says Elias Bustos, CEO, “We strive to find ways to make our platform as useful as possible for the Goodwill organizations that depend on us.”

New Features & Software Updates

Quick Change Release & 1-Step Deployment

To ensure your Goodwill’s operational stability, point-of-sale software must be updated. With Solutions DGR 5.0, you don’t have to. We do it for you. 

With our product’s quick change release & simple deployments, updating your existing POS system has never been easier or faster. With the push of a button (no manual data entry required), you can keep all your POS locations up to date! 

Operational Stability

Solutions DGR 5.0 has been designed to be self-sufficient and easy to maintain by eliminating the need for on-site servers and making the software tolerant to internet outages. Solutions DGR 5.0 system is resilient and less reliant on the IT environment.

Easy to roll out new stores and pop-up stores

With Solutions DGR 5.0, download the application program, enter a product key, and add your store ID (one-step deployment). The application will automatically be configured according to your Goodwill settings. Less time manually configuring each store and more time making customers happy!

Solutions DGR 5.0 plays well with others

We integrate with software platforms from various industry sectors, including business intelligence, accounting, HRIS, and more. 

Self-Maintenance & Disaster Recovery

Disaster recovery is critical to any organization. Solutions DGR 5.0 has been designed to store data in the cloud. This approach enables you to restore your system much more quickly, focusing on minimal recovery time. You’ll be up and running in less than an hour without impacting customer service or decreasing operational efficiency. 

 I'd Like to See a Demo

The power of our Solutions DGR 5.0 is that it transforms every experience and interaction — from donation to final purchase — to be more streamlined, transparent, and profitable. Solutions DGR 5.0 provides the tools your organization needs to be the most effective version of itself.

To learn more about DGR 5.0, visit www.solutionsitw.com, email info@solutionsitw.com or call 864-404-3265.


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