GSONT Increases Monthly Revenue by $2,500 to $13,000 Per Store with Solutions DGR

Posted by Elias Bustos on Jul 25, 2019 1:03:00 PM

Solutions Social“The system has made life easier for the cashiers. The cashiers do not have to think anymore. The system handles everything for them. It automatically calculates the discounts… our sales are consistently up 3%-5% month over month since we implemented the system.”

Rocky Goforth, CFO & VP of Finance

Goodwill Industries of Southwest Oklahoma & North Texas were looking for a solution to increase their efficiency at checkout. They needed a better way to process discounts and sales that wouldn’t require their cashiers to spend valuable time looking up a sale in the system for every customer. They were also interested in implementing barcoding throughout their Goodwill locations but were concerned that it would increase processing time and that the ROI wouldn’t justify using barcoding.

Keeping in mind the desires and concerns of GSONT, Solutions ITW worked closely with the teams from GSONT to develop a barcoding and POS system that would be implemented in three of their stores to test efficiency. After just one week of the implementation, GSONT was so thrilled with the results that they requested a quote to implement Solutions DGR Barcoding in all of their locations.

Not only did the barcoding and point of sale system increase efficiency, but it also made life for GSONT employees much easier. After just one day of implementation and training, everyone was able to run the system with no oversight from the implementation team. In fact, the very first time the team ran their closing routine with Solutions DGR POS, they were able to reconcile their registers to the penny.

After four months of implementing Solutions DGR POS, the average transaction at the original three stores increased by $0.47 to $1.01, and after five months, the first store saw an average sale increase of $1.50! GSONT continues to be thrilled with the system that Solutions ITW implemented for them and have seen an increase in the average transaction at every store. If you'd like to read the full case study, you can find it here.

Solutions DGR was developed to help Goodwills across the country increase their revenue while at the same time decreasing their operating costs. By doing this, you have more money available to accomplish your mission. If you’re interested in learning more about how Solutions DGR Point of Sale can assist your mission, don’t hesitate to give us a call or schedule a demo online.

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