October Product Spotlight

Posted by Elias Bustos on Oct 26, 2021 11:28:17 AM

product-spotlight-header-1Coming in 2022!

We are currently working with several Goodwills on an exciting project for New Goods Inventory Management. This inventory management system will provide many requested features including:

  • Ability to create and receive purchase order
  • Create and receive transfers
  • Perform cycle counts and physical inventories
  • Enterprise level reporting
  • Track inventory by SKU, category, store, warehouse and more!

New Features & Software Updates


Our new DGR platform is progressing well, and we are on track to begin the first phase of our BETA testing program in late November. The new platform sports a new user interface and promises an easier rollout and implementation. This platform will also provide a more robust user experience by allowing users to seamlessly continue to ring sales even if internet is lost.

Attention has been given to data replication, and the application provides a resilient data transfer protocol, ensuring that the data captured at the workstation is reliably transmitted for reporting purposes.


We have been in the process of testing new RFID capabilities, which would allow stores to add RFID tags to each item. These RFID tags would be automatically read by antennas at checkout, creating a contactless environment for the checkout process.

Phase 1 testing is nearly complete and we will begin BETA Phase 2 in November where we plan to roll out multiple locations.

Our main focus is ROI, and introducing RFID to the pull process will improve it. Goodwills will have the ability to count items that did not sell along with implementing full Donated Goods Inventory Management cycle reporting.


With built-in native reporting, our reporting dashboard can currently produce 50+ custom reports. But, that is about to get even better! We are currently working on a number of UI enhancements that will be complete this year. In addition, we will be rolling out Goodwill AI/Insights in 2022.


We are completing the development of an integration between Solutions DGR and Upright Labs, an e-commerce service provider. This integration will allow Goodwills to upload products from a mobile device. Upright Labs then syndicates the products to multiple e-commerce sites, such as eBay and Shop Goodwill. Once a product is sold, the integration will allow the sell-through data to be tied back to the original Producer at a Goodwill location. This will also give Goodwill stores the ability to upload all products, which will allow customers to shop online and pickup at their local store.


We are working on finalizing an integration with Clutch, a customer loyalty program. This will be an exciting new addition because we will be able to provide a top industry loyalty program for Goodwill customers. We are currently testing the integration with one of our Goodwill partners and will be ready to offer it to more Goodwills in the near future.

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